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So I’m now at the heaviest I have ever been, 11 and a half stone. My BMI is 27.6 and I’m getting closer to being classed as obese. I never thought I’d see this day coming.

I’ve been underweight and I’ve been overweight and since leaving school my weight has just crept up. I’ve gained roughly 3st 10lbs since leaving school. I want to lose about 2 and a half stone, so 35 pounds.

I was never happy with myself at 7st 11lb and I know that losing weight will not solve my problems. However, I want to feel better about myself and right now I hate myself. I want to get my BMI back into a healthy weight range anyway.

I just need to drink less alcohol, eat less junk food, drink more water, do more exercise and eat more healthy.

I need to not get disheartened and believe that it’s not too late to reverse things. I need to eat more regularly as well.

So, from tomorrow I need to change a few things. I have a holiday in just over 2 weeks and I know I’ll probably put some weight on then but I need to stay on track, I need to lose weight and keep if off.

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This is a comparison I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time!

I need to remind myself that I am NOT my eating habits, they do not define me, they do not hold any power over me any longer. I am so much stronger than I ever EVER thought possible, and this is proof! I didn’t let under eating kill me, nor did I let overeating do it either, and I refuse to feel enslaved by food ever again.

I know for a fact that anyone who thinks to better themselves in even the smallest ways will be able to do it, it’s a matter of focusing on your goals, being flexible with your methods, and learning that absolutely EVERYTHING should be handled in moderation. There is no need to push yourself to your physical limits every day if it doesn’t work for you on a mental or emotional level, but you shouldn’t underestimate what you and your mind and your body are capable of doing.

I am still working on my disordered eating habits and even if it takes YEARS to be truly free of them, I know that one day I will be. And, I know that you can be too. <3

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Fitness, motivation and advice blog! ✻


Fitness, motivation and advice blog! ✻

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So today I assisted in chucking a load of random objects in a skip with my sister. It included bits of wood, bricks, an armchair, bags of soil…

Basically because I was doing it with my sister we had a laugh and because it’s fairly warm today I built up a sweat. I forgot how good exercise that makes you sweat feels. I feel amazing! Now I’m motivated to do it more often and I’m tempted to take up more exercise. I’m tempted to start running, especially since I have a 5k event three weeks tomorrow. I hope this fitness buzz doesn’t stop :)

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